A Postcard to 1 Year Later of Myself

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Yes, I have ambition(s), but I never consider myself melancholy as I write letter to my future me 1 year later. I plan myself in a big blue print but still, I rarely write in a notes. Being a housewife instead never put out my ambition. Thanks Allah, though I feel early in my choosen path at least I have something to pursue indeed.

Two weeks ago, I attended some kind of talkshow and motivation discussion in Cipete, held by Lingkaran. The event put "Dare To be" as talkshow theme. They would choose 50 participants based on form we filled to listen sharing from 4 interviewees and having motivational group discussion from one of them. The 4 interviewees  represent from 4 field: Artist, entepreneur, blue collar, and renaissance (or jack-of-all-trade).  Considering what I wanted to be, I choosed in renaissance group. Since it was a motivational discussion for young people who still "feeling lost", I kinda pessimist that I would be the older one in there.
First session, all the 4 speakers sat in front of the audience, talking a little bit about their life. How they failed, how people scoffed to the, how they reawaken from their lowest point. This session quite enlightened me in order not too fast to give up to fate. We have options, once we choosed, it means we accept all the consequences.
Second session was group discussion, along with other renaissance people, we got Maria Juliana as our mentor. She did many things to do to overcome her boredom. She listened all the participant's story attentively, then give the enlightened opinion. Another participant cant give their opinion as well.
After all group participant confided their problem, the 4 groups regathered in hall. The fasilitator choose 1 person each group to talk in front of the hall. After all sessions, I felt more confident to my path and decision. Then, the MC distribute the postcard. She said, "please write to your next 1 year of you". The event organization would collect all written postcard and promised to sent to all of us in next 1 year.
So here I wrote:

Dear me, you are awesome. You will be in the middle of dream you are pursue. You are something. So keep going!

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