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Entah asal muasal darimana,,gw tiba2 dapet aja kontak tagged temen lama gw,, si Eric. Si Eric ini pemain Marching Band DCI Phantom Regiment. Jadi suatu hari gw nanya sesuatu lewat tagged. Begini isinya (mohon maaf bahasa inggris saia katabelece gini :D) :

Hi eric,, do u still remember me?

i wanna ask about mello and trumpet.

mello have two mouthpiece, big and small one. am i wrong? i usually used the big mouthpiece. I've got trouble when i play trumpet. it's like to many air get off from mouthpiece,especially for low tone. i used too many times to adapt so my  blow can consistent.


i know u used to play eupho, trumpet, french horn and trombone which its mouthpiece have different size. can u give me sugestion how to faster adapt my blow ?


thanx before ^_^

Terus begini balasannya :



The problem with "large" and "small" mouthpieces are that some work for some people and others don't. One person may have a bigger embrochure that the other therefore he uses a larger cupped mouthpiece and the same goes for the smaller mouthpiece. I would recommend just using a 7C for your trumpet which is standard size for all trumpet users. If not, consider getting a smaller one such as a 5C. You say that sometimes the air escapes when you play your instrument, and that is probably what it is. Your mouthpiece is probably too big for you. Although it may be harder to play on a smaller mouthpiece, it is worth it in the future because you will be come a better player. The only other suggestion I can give you is go out to the stores in the market and try out different mouthpieces or do research on famous trumpet/ frenchhorn players until you find the perfect mouthpiece for yourself. I myself use a 6 1/2 AL and a 7C G large shank Dennis Wick mouthpiece for my Euphonium. The 6 1/2 AL is standard but the 7 C G Dennis has a much broader and deeper cup for a darker and more deeper sound. The way you can adapt your blow as you say or rather its called your embrochure (the way you play) is by just playing your scales, Lip slurs, octave excersices such as Bflat major scale with the 8va (octave) included. The only way you can master your instrument is by knowing your scales and being able to play them in a large range. Lip Slurs like not tounging and going up and down the notes on a single fingering can help (like bflat major to F major to bflat 8va major up and down) or just speed excersises. Anything that works your lips. And keep this in mind. If you are going to practice for one hour, you should really only be playing for 30 minutes. The other 30 minutes is to relax your lips or "chops" so they do not get damaged. For example, I will play a 5 minute piece of music, then after i will rest for 5 minutes and continue playing. This is the only way that you will build muscle in your apature, embrochure, lips, and cheek muscles. If you play too long for a long time, your muscles will get tired and "break" or rip apart and you will feel swollen.  If you have any other questions or if you need me to explain anything else on this, just message me again at or because I don't use a lot anymore.


Other recommendations for mouthpieces:


-These are some pretty good brand name suppliers for instruments and mouthpieces. I myself like the Dennis wick because I have a more classical sounding tone and a much deeper and darker tone. Because you play trumpet and mello, I may recommend you stick with Bach and some Dennis Wick depending on how they feel to you. Bach should be fine though. If you want to look for mouthpieces, just go on and look around for websites and research.


-Yamaha     (Any)


-Dennis Wick     (Jazz, Dark tones)


-Bach     (for classical tones)

Ya ampun tu cuma nanya gimana cara mempercepat niup alat yang ukuran mouth piecenya beda,,malah selain dikasih saran ngatasinya ama teknik2 terus anjuran2 merek mouth piece. hahaha.. Memang bedalah antara gw yang baru maen beginian hampir setahun ama yang udah karbitan. Pemaen euphonium Phantom Regiment lagi!

haha,, ^_^

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    *merapihkan diri* ehm, ehm... tp PR tu drum&bugle corps zen, bukan marching band. it's different.

  2. hooh yu. Tauk tuh,,gw juga awalnya ga percaya,,eh,,percaya juga ding! :D. Dia cuma maen yang 2006 ama 2007 klo ga salah. 2008 ga maen,,katanya lagi sibuk ngurusin kuliah (alah!). Gara2 tu orang,,gw jadi pengen nguasain trompet juga selain mello yu. Penasaran ama tu orang,,soalnya dia selain eupho juga trompet, french horn ama trombone.sial!haha.

    bedanya apa yu? wah,,ternyata tu orang bikin misundterstanding aja :D:D:D

  3. neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet

  4. apaaaaahhhhh???
    nikennnnnn,,,kemana saja kau akhir2 ini?:D